Mysterious Vault

I've been interested in the big locked vaults at my school, heres pictures to anyone who thinks they might be able to crack it open. Apparently, the inside hasn't seen the light of day since WWII, and no one remembers the combination.

Rainy Day 2

New Version now with an Installer, Customizable options, and a few new cloud textures. Click on the image to download.

Rainy Day

Rainy Day is my first 10.5 Screensaver, and I'm taking full advantage of the new screen capture ability. Clouds form at the top of the screen, rain falls, and lightning hits randomly as the background slowly melts away. For 10.5 only (sorry tiger fans).

New Layout

Still working out the kinks, but I needed to update this page. If I get the time, I'll start to post my projects on this page regularly.


Jointforge Blog

Check out the project i've been working on. It's revamping is imminent as soon as I get my head around some complex mathimatical problems.

Grey Matter

Posted a new screensaver called Grey Matter, Click on the image to download and test out yourself