Rainy Day

Rainy Day is my first 10.5 Screensaver, and I'm taking full advantage of the new screen capture ability. Clouds form at the top of the screen, rain falls, and lightning hits randomly as the background slowly melts away. For 10.5 only (sorry tiger fans).


Anonymous said...

my DTP was a cup of hot cocoa and when the rain began the whipped cream on top melted !

one problem, for some reason the right half of my screen goes black and only the left half is captured before the saver engages

aluminum iMac, 24", core-2 duo -- 1920x1200 res. -- any ideas ?

thanks for the saver !

alix said...

This really indie site just posted an article about this screen saver and I totally love it!


Collin said...

Just downloaded "Rainy Day" and am enjoying it-- a couple things occurred to me right away, though:

1. Wish it didn't black out the screen when a password is required to wake from a screensaver.

2. Sure would be neat if the lightning flashes in the screen saver could take advantage of the backlit keyboard on my PowerBook.

Thanks for the cool screen saver.

Spaceribs said...

Thanks for the comments!

Chris, my roommate has the same problems, I don't think the graphics processor can take the entire screen for some reason, but high resolutions die rather tragically on one side of the screen.

I'm going to ask him if I can redesign on his cinema display so that I can update it for big resolutions and get all the kinks out for the intels.

My worry is that it's actually a quartz/apple issue, which would be out of my control.

Spaceribs said...

New version here:

Rainy Day 2

Arty said...

How do I uninstall this, I don't see it in either of my screensaver folders. Also I am having the same "half screen" graphics anomaly. Thanks in advance for the help.

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